Warning: Laser in Use!

  • Posted on Sep 23, 2019

The laser treatment control area (LTCA) must be fitted with warning signs at all entrances when the laser is in use.  These warning signs must comply with ANSI standards.  They must contain hazard signal words, detailed below.

There are signal words associated with the hazard level on the warning signs surrounding the control area.  The word “Danger” signifies the possibility of serious injury or death if hazards are not controlled.  This type of signal word exclusively applies to Class 4 lasers with free space propagation of exposed beams. 

The word “Warning” signifies the possibility of exposure to laser output that exceeds the MPE.  This applies to Class 3B and Class 4 systems.

The word “Caution” signifies the possibility of exposure to irradiance below the MPE, associated with Class 2, 2M, and 3R systems.

Laser warning signs must contain the signal words and have adequate space to display all of the relevant information associated with the laser system and hazard level.  The information must contain the following phrases, when applicable:

  • Class 2 – Laser Radiation – Do not stare into beam
  • Class 2M – Laser Radiation – Do not stare into beam or view with optical instruments
  • Class 3R & 3B – Laser Radiation – Avoid direct exposure to beam
  • Class 4 – Laser Radiation – Avoid eye exposure to direct or scattered radiation, avoid skin exposure to direct radiation
  • Laser surgery in progress – Eye protection required
  • Laser Type, wavelength, pulse duration, maximum output
  • Laser Hazard Classification

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