What’s in the LSC Laser Safety Officer Kit?

  • Posted on Jan 18, 2021

If you’re a company in need of a Laser Safety Officer (LSO) and you also have employees who need basic laser safety training, our kit takes care of both those needs.

Whoever you assign to the LSO course will take it online at their leisure.  Once completed that person will receive a certificate.  Meanwhile, back here at LSC headquarters, we will be putting together your LSO kit that will be sent out via USPS.

I bet  you’re wondering what’s in the kit.  Here are the details!

  1. The LSO kit is a binder full of important documents to assist your company with its laser safety training program.  If OSHA ever visits your facility, you can pull out the binder and show them your training program and student compliance log.
  2. A LSO Refresher document for easy access.  It highlights the most important details of the LSO course.  Very handy.
  3. A paper copy of the laser safety course along with student note handouts.
  4. Paper copies of the exam to hand out to students.
  5. Of course, a copy of the answer key is provided as well.
  6. Student compliance log showing the date each employee took the course.
  7. Paper copies of successful completion certificates to keep on file for each student.
  8. A copy of the OSH laser safety section, just for convenience.
  9. AND most useful of all, a USB drive of all the important documents and the course in PowerPoint format.

All of this comes at an amazing cost of $349.  Why is this amazing?  Because the LSO course alone is $149 and each basic laser safety course is $49.  So if you have more than 6 employees that need basic laser safety training, it’s a bargain because you can train an UNLIMITED number of employees.

Of course, if you prefer to have your students all be able to take the course on line, once you sign up as the employer, you can return to our website and enroll new students as often as you need to.

Already have a LSO?  Then just buy our kit as a standalone product for $299.

Start the new year off right by being compliant with OSHA rules.

Still have questions?  Email us at info@lasersafetycertification.com.

Ready to be compliant?  Click here to enroll your company.  You won’t regret it.

Here’s to a safe and healthy new year! (we could all use it for sure)

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