Working With Lasers Can Be Dangerous

a man working on a machine in a factory.

Why are Lasers Used?

If they’re dangerous, why are they commonly used in industry and medicine?

In fact, lasers are used by scientists, in construction, by lab and industrial technicians and engineers, and they have military and medical applications.  Lasers create special effects in movies.   They make all kinds of processes easier, more accurate and more efficient.

But lasers are often used in environments where such hazards as flying pieces of metal or exposure to caustic liquids and vapors can cause severe injuries or even death.  Even the laser itself can cause skin burns and permanent eye damage.

That’s why you need to understand when, how and what kind of safety equipment is required if you are going to be working with lasers.   OSHA has guidance to help you understand the effectiveness of personal protective equipment.

Eye Protection

Safety goggles are required for all workers who use lasers.  But not all goggles are the same.

Your employer is responsible for making sure you have the proper personal protection equipment for whatever type of laser you will be using.

You are responsible for making sure you understand the potential dangers of laser use.

Becoming Certificated in Laser Safety

Being certified in laser safety is an important first step.

This sounds complicated and technical.

We make it easy.  You can be certified today. 

PS – Lasers are amazing!  I personally experienced the retina repair procedure demonstrated in this video.  Check it out.

a man working on a machine in a factory.
a man working on a machine in a factory.
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