Is a safe work environment important to you?
Do you need an in-house Laser Safety Officer or want to become one? Need a medical laser safety program?

Safety is very important to us so we created a simple but effective industrial LSO and laser safety certification and medical laser safety courses. Our programs are designed for business owners, laser safety officers, welders, surveyors, aestheticians, medical professionals, research technicians, laser tattoo and hair removal and in any environment where lasers are in use. The incredible power of lasers to make once difficult tasks easier brings with it special hazards to workers.

IMPORTANT: OSHA does not certify, accredit or approve any laser safety trainers or training programs.
The responsibility for OSHA compliant laser operator training rests with the employer. Laser Safety Certification and the LSO course do not constitute a license to operate any type of laser nor does it guarantee your workplace will be free or laser hazards. There are no special or additional requirements to use this site. The person(s) responsible for laser training and evaluation are strongly encouraged to read and become familiar with the requirements of OSHA Section III: Chapter 6 – Laser Hazards as well as the ANSI Standards at www.ansi.org.



You and/or your employees can be laser safety certified in about 1 hour. Enter your information on this page to get started.
Print your certification and wallet card instantly.
The course completed anytime, anywhere on an iPAD, iPhone, laptop, or any device with an internet connection.
Our Laser Safety Officer program is only $149 and can be completed online. If you work with class 3B or 4 lasers you MUST have an on-site laser safety officer to be compliant.
No costly books, videos or in-house training needed.

Why is Laser Safety Important?

OSHA keeps statistics for on-the-job injuries and reports 9 catastrophic or fatal laser related injuries since 1988. Additionally, according to Liberty Mutual, about $1 billion is spent each week on serious but nonfatal work injuries. Most workplace injuries are preventable and are due to a lack of proper training.

OSHA requires a general duty of care for laser usage. This means the workplace must be free from known risks and hazards. In the US, laser safety standards are set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Currently, compliance with these standards is voluntary, but OSHA does have the authority to step in when worker safety is in question. Employers could be fined if they ignore proper safety steps. Laser safety procedures must be documented and include audit reports, policies, equipment maintenance records and operator logs.

How the LSC Safety Program Works:

At LSC we’ve made the laser safety training process simple. You can…
Enroll each employee upon hiring.
Print certificates immediately.
Promote SAFETY in your organization.

Benefits of LSC Programs:
Our safety program can be conducted when most convenient for employers and operators on any device with the internet.
We offer a low-cost solution – no expensive textbooks, manuals or subscriptions.
It applies to both administrative personnel and users from all fields – medicine, engineering, aesthetic, entertainment, industrial, manufacturing, research.

We offer operator and officer certification for the following:

Industrial Laser Safety
Industrial LSO

Healthcare Laser Safety
Healthcare LSO

Cosmetic Laser Safety
Cosmetic LSO

We also off Laser Safety Kits!

It’s a tool we have built to help you with your in-house Laser Safety Program. It is a binder full of essential documents and training materials, as well as a USB drive with slides from our Certification Curriculum. The Laser Safety Kit is available for Industrial, Healthcare, or Cosmetic. Bundle and save by ordering our Kit PLUS LSO Certification!



$49 Industrial Laser Safety Certification
$99 Healthcare Laser Safety Certification
$99 Cosmetic Laser Safety Certification

$149 Industrial LSO Certification
$199 Healthcare LSO Certification
$199 Cosmetic LSO Certification

$299 Industrial Laser Safety Kit
$349 Healthcare Laser Safety Kit
$349 Cosmetic Laser Safety Kit

$349 Industrial Bundle
LSO Certification + Laser Safety Kit – ($99 Savings)

$399 Healthcare Bundle
LSO Certification + Laser Safety Kit – ($149 Savings)

$399 Cosmetic Bundle
LSO Certification + Laser Safety Kit – ($149 Savings)




We serve employers, technicians and aestheticians, medical professionals and engineers.

Is your workplace free of known hazards?

Lasers pose both occupational and biological hazards. Protection from non-beam hazards, particularly in research labs, include:

Adequate ventilation is required to remove noxious and potentially hazardous fumes and vapors like those emitted from laser welding and cutting.

Arc and filament lamps and laser welding equipment must be enclosed in housings to withstand the resulting pressure or explosion. The laser targets or any part which may shatter must also be enclosed.

Proper shielding from laser discharge tubes, pumping lamps and laser welding plasmas is mandatory.
Aside from radiation created by the laser itself, there are risks associated with some plasma tubes, x-rays and high-voltage power supplies like those used with excimer lasers. Lasers and laser systems which could generate any of these hazards should be closely monitored.

The electric power supply to lasers varies and must be in accordance with OSHA and applicable State codes.

Flame-resistant enclosures, particularly for Class IV and some focused Class IIIB lasers, must be used to prevent injury as well.

Bodily injuries from lasers and laser systems are eye damage and tissue burns.

Lasers are intense, highly focused light beams that can retinal scarring and even permanent loss of sight. They can occur in microseconds or over several seconds of direct exposure. Also, photochemical reactions damaging to the retinal tissue can occur when viewing things like solar eclipses and unprotected arc welding can occur.


Business owners and Laser Safety Officers


Entry-level to Highly Experienced


Industrial and Manufacturing Laser Operators, Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal, Laboratory and Research Assistants, Laser Light Show Operators


Nurses, Doctors, Lab Techs, Dental Offices, Medical Assistants



LSC RECENT BLOG POSTS Are you new to the field? It’s easy to become laser safety certified at LSC. Our Laser Safety Certification program emphasizes laser basics, safety standards, control measures, and safety equipment. Are you looking to become a Laser Safety Officer (LSO), or are you already an LSO needing simple effective tools to train employees in laser safety? Are you a business owner who wants to avoid OSHA problems, downtime from laser-related accidents, and costly lawsuits? If the answer is “YES” then take the first simple step right now and register you or your company for free in the form on the right side of this page. Use our program for high quality on-line training!



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