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Industrial Laser Safety Technician
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Get certified today with the industrial laser safety technician video course for $99.00 - online operator certification for industrial lasers including cutting and etching, compliant with ansi z136.1 and 100% osha compliant.
Industrial Technician Video Certification
Technician Certification
Online VIDEO Course
ANSI Z136.1 & 100% OSHA Compliant
Up to and including Class 4 Lasers
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Industrial Technician Video Package
Industrial Technician Video
Electrical Safety
Eye Safety
Hand & Power Tool Safety
Industrial Fire Prevention
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What's in the Course?

Industrial Technician Video Certification:
  • Laser Basics
  • Scientific Terms
  • Control Measures
  • Non-Beam Hazards
  • Eye & Skin Exposure
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

What's in the Package?

Industrial Technician Video Package:
  • Industrial Technician Video Certification
    • Laser Basics
    • Scientific Terms
    • Control Measures
    • Non-Beam Hazards
    • Eye & Skin Exposure
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PLUS 4 Additional Training Courses:

  • Electrical Safety
    • Understand the basics of electric power, how it works and how it is used.
    • Know the hazards that can be associated with electricity and electrical equipment in a workplace.
    • Know the equipment to use and procedures they should follow to avoid these hazards.
  • Eye Safety
    • Understand the types of eye hazards that they can encounter while working.
    • Know safe work practices and protective equipment they can use to avoid those hazards.
    • Know what to do in case of an eye injury.
  • Hand & Power Tool Safety
    • Understand the hazards that are associated with using hand and power tools.
    • Be able to identify hand and power tool hazards in their workplace.
    • Know the equipment and safe work practices they can use to avoid injuries when working with hand and power tools.
  • Industrial Fire Prevention
    • Understand how fires burn and how they can be extinguished.
    • Recognize common fire hazards in industrial environments.
    • Know safe practices that can help to prevent workplace fires.
    • Know what to do if a fire occurs in their workplace.

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