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Industrial Laser Safety Technician Certification:

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Professional laser operator using industrial machinery with emphasis on the offered laser safety certification and its features.
Industrial Technician Certification
Technician Certification
Online Written Course
ANSI Z136.1 & 100% OSHA Compliant
Up to and including Class 4 Lasers
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What's in the Course?

  • Introduction
  • Laser Basics
  • Scientific Terms
  • Control Measures
  • Non-Beam Hazards
  • Eye & Skin Exposure

Course Features & Benefits

  • Instantly Printable Certificate
  • Complete Certification in approx. 1 Hour
  • 100% OSHA Compliant
  • Convenient Online Training
  • Compatible on All Devices
  • ANSI Standard Z136.1
  • Up to and including Class 4 Lasers
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``We found it to be very easy and intuitive to use, and it helped get our guys trained on laser safety very quickly. It certainly saves us a lot of time and has become a staple in our onboarding process.``

-Gabe of Carbon Robotics (Maka Autonomous Systems)