Is a safe work environment important to you?

It’s very important to us so we created a simple but effective laser safety certification program. Our program is designed for business owners, laser safety officers, welders, surveyors, aestheticians, medical professionals, research technicians and in any environment where lasers are in use. The incredible power of lasers to make once difficult tasks easier brings with it special hazards to workers. The LSC programs are online courses that cover the basics of lasers, the dangers they pose and the essentials of a safe work environment.

Medical and Cosmetic Laser Safety

Do you work in the medical field – hospital, private practice, surgery – and need to get your employees certified for laser safety?

If so you’re in luck! You can now get OSHA compliant with our 100% online laser safety training and get employees certified in 1 hour from anywhere with an internet connection!
This fast, easy, and affordable online course allows you to print a certificate upon completion and passing of the online test!
Access the course 24/7 from your computer or other mobile device.

Laser Safety Officer

OSHA guidelines and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards state that your employer is responsible for ensuring the safe use of all lasers operated in your workplace. As the LSO, you will have many responsibilities which are detailed throughout this course.

One of your jobs will be to implement a laser safety program. Some of your co-workers may have only a basic understanding of lasers, while others may be in direct daily contact with and operate complex laser systems. You should tailor your safety program to the education and experience levels throughout your organization.

In addition to OSHA and ANSI standards, you may be regulated by the Center for Devices and Radiological Health of the FDA or the Council of Radiation Control Program Directors. Many states have laser safety standards and regulations which should be consulted when creating a laser safety program.

Although an LSO is only required for Class 3B and Class 4 lasers (and some Class 3R systems), it is important to know that states are creating new rules and regulations regarding laser safety. Therefore, your state may have specific rules for other classes of lasers. At the very least, employees working around lasers above Class 1 should have a general knowledge of lasers and the potential hazards they pose.