Guide to MedSpa Laser Safety

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In addition to the widespread use of lasers in medicine for the diagnosis and treatment of disease, lasers are routinely used in aesthetic or “MedSpa” environments.  Whether to remove dark spots or hair, or preform skin rejuvenation, lasers can provide incredible results.

But working around any kind of laser means having a well-trained workforce educated in laser safety.  MedSpas are a multi-billion dollar industry with the greatest concentration in Texas, California and Florida.  It is a also rapidly growing business in China and Brazil.

Fast growth in rules and regulations

The rapid growth in this market can mean that navigating the changing rules and regulations governing MedSpas is more important than ever before.  MedSpas are highly regulated on the state level and the specific reporting requirements can vary significantly from state-to-state.

Understanding your state’s rules for operating MedSpa laser equipment is key.  These rules cover who can operate the type of laser being used and what type of licensing or training is required.  They can also govern the documentation of training and the nomination of a Laser Safety Officer to administer a laser safety program for all technicians.

Do you know the rules in your state?

In Arizona, for instance, the Department of Health Services assumes the certification and regulation of cosmetic facilities and laser technicians.  The State of Texas has strict rules for laser hair removal facilities which must be licensed and under the supervision of a consulting physician.  The Medical Board of California and the California Board of Registered Nursing require that lasers should not be operated by registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and doctors.  California has some of the strictest rules for MedSpa owners and operators.  Fines and other penalties can be imposed for failure to meet any State guidelines in the US.

In November 2018, a nurse was arrested in Texas for administering unlicensed Botox injections out of a MedSpa.  A week later, the supervising doctor who permitted the nurse to do the nonsurgical medical procedures was also arrested.[1]   This is just one example of the consequences of poor safety practices.

The first step is to understand your State’s regulations covering the industry.  The American Med Spa Association has a great state-by-state resource at:

How we can help

We are Laser Safety Certification, and we want all laser device users to have the proper training and certification in laser safety. Laser safety certification can help you protect yourself, your patients and your practice.

Check out our Cosmetic Laser Safety and Cosmetic LSO Certification courses for more information on MedSpa laser safety and get certified today.

We also have an FAQ section with common answers about our courses, certification options and other kit offerings.


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