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MedSpas are a multi-billion dollar industry with the greatest concentration in Texas, California and Florida in the United States.  It is a also rapidly growing business in China and Brazil. There are numerous new laser treatments and therapies being added and popularized in this growing industry. Working around any kind of laser means having a well-trained workforce educated not just in the application but also in laser safety. 

MedSpa Treatments and Applications

There are a variety of laser applications used in the MedSpa environment.  Although the more common known MedSpa applications are laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal, many other treatments are also available. Here is a sample of many of them along with added related links you can follow for more information:

  • Laser hair removal – precision and quick removal of selective hair on your body. [1]
  • Laser tattoo removal – selectively diminishing the appearance of unwanted tattoos. [2]
  • Hair growth laser – a low-level laser treatment, also known as cold laser treatment, discharges photons into the scalp tissue to facilitate hair growth. [3]
  • Skin Resurfacing laser – also known as a laser peel or laser vaporization, is aimed at reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, acne scars, blemishes and other skin problems.  [4]
  • Fraxel laser – a non-invasive treatment used to remove freckles, brown spots, wrinkles, scars, uneven skin texture. [5] [6]
  • Ultherapy – uses micro-focused ultrasound energy to work on the deeper skin layers to make skin look more youthful. [7]

MedSpa Regulations

Another important step is to understand your State’s regulations covering the industry.  State by state regulations in the United States vary widely. The rapid growth in this market means that navigating the changing rules and regulations governing MedSpas is more important than ever before.  MedSpas are highly regulated on the state level and the specific reporting requirements can vary significantly from state-to-state.

Understanding your state’s rules for operating MedSpa laser equipment is key.  These rules cover who can operate the type of laser being used and what type of licensing or training is required.  They can also govern the documentation of training and the nomination of a Laser Safety Officer to administer a laser safety program for all technicians.

The American Med Spa Association has a great state-by-state resource you can start with at:

Who we are…

We are Laser Safety Certification, and we want all laser device users to have the proper training and certification in laser safety. Laser safety certification can help you protect yourself, your patients and your practice.

Check out our Cosmetic Laser Safety and Cosmetic LSO Certification courses for more information on MedSpa laser safety and get certified today. Both courses come in traditional readable format or video display but contain the same information and exams.

We also have an FAQ section with common answers about our courses, certification options and other kit offerings.


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a woman sitting on a table next to a man.

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