What is a Laser Hair Removal Technician?

a woman receiving hair styling services from a professional stylist.

Are you currently working in the aesthetics field and want to up your game?  Being a licensed laser hair removal tech is a great career path that can lead to more income as well as new customers for your current cosmetic offerings.


A laser hair removal tech uses a laser beam to damage the client’s hair follicles, so hair doesn’t grow back once removed.  The process involves consulting with the client to hear their needs and objectives, giving them pre- and post-treatment instructions and to set proper expectations.  The tech also needs to provide a clean and safe environment for performing the hair removal process and must be aware of all personal protective equipment requirements.  Lasers do amazing things, but they can be harmful if used improperly or not maintained well.  Taking a laser safety course is an essential part of laser tech training.  Read more here: https://www.lasersafetycertification.com/cosmetic/.   OSHA governs safety in the cosmetic laser environment and we highly recommend you have a full understanding of the potential hazards in using a laser before you pursue this career.


What do I need to do to be a laser hair removal technician?


Although no federal laws govern licensing for laser hair removal, local and statewide jurisdictions will impact your preparation for this career.    You will need a combination of education, certification, licensing, and work experience.  So do your homework.  Contact your state’s cosmetology organizations and your cosmetology school for assistance.


Most often you will need to complete a set number of classroom hours and clinical practice requirements.  In Arizona, for instance, technicians must complete 40 classroom hours, 24 clinical practice hours in laser hair removal and 24 additional hours in alternative light-based treatments.


You may want to obtain a national certification by getting a Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE) designation from the American Electrology Association (AEA).   This involves passing the CPE exam which is offered annually at the AEA convention.  See more information about the AEA at https://professionals.electrology.com/.


An aspiring tech will also need to apply for a state license in many states in order to obtain a laser technician state license.  Finally, get experience by working in an aesthetician office or other facility offering this service.


Will I make a good living as a laser hair technician?


Going through all the steps to start your career as a laser hair tech takes dedication, attention to detail, time and money.   But it’s worth it.  The average annual salary for a laser tech is nearly $56,000.  You will be considered a skin care specialist and it is a fast-growing field.  If you are an independent cosmetologist currently offering other cosmetic procedures, having this certification will help you grow your business.

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